Words from Water

Words From Water <—<—<— CLICK THIS LINK FOR VIDEO!!!   Warm fire, 3/4 full moon, Ancient Voices in the water and the rock speak to me, are They? I hear Them but do not know what They say or if They are speaking to me, telling me stories of Their time or teaching me the right path or telling me to seek my spirit guide, oh, but your guide will seek you, everyone knows that, how would I know, or if They are speaking to each other laughing about the lost white man who wants to seek the wild in Our Mother and in himself, oh, he does, does he, be careful of what you wish They may be saying, or are They cursing me, wanting to know why I am in their land, you don’t belong, here or anywhere, you don’t know what you are asking for, you do not even know how to express it and We will not help you… but the fire is of damp wood and should be out already yet it still warms, are They helping…singing, dancing, I know that They have not, these Old Ones, have not danced and sung, at least on this plane since the Sun would chase the Moon from the sky only to follow Her, not knowing She would rise again and rule the sky until He found Her again and He would chase her but was never quite able to catch Her, could They be stoking the flames, for what, but to help warm me or is it that They share it with me, to warm Their own cold and diatomaceous bones as They someday will allow me, an Ancient myself, to share a fire with some other Traveler as I guide him before joining the Voices on a plane of consciousness unknown to me now, I wish I knew, understood, could be there now…patience…until then I will listen…


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