The Sun Sets on My Day…

March 27 2012: Tonight I returned to the Deer Run bridge to stay one more night. Though it will most likely rain the snow level will be much higher so that nasty likelihood will be a slim one. I was able to get out of camp fairly quickly this morning. The rain will force me to speed things up but at least I don’t have to fold up a tent.
I like this spot. It’s a nice enough view though I’ve seen it…Spoiled, I guess…and I only had perhaps 4 vehicles drive past which is good because I don’t need someone telling me to move off and the more drivers that happen by the more likely that could happen. There is a spot about 60 yards further down the trail that is far more secluded and I don’t know if I’ll be back here tomorrow night but if I am the other site will be a suitable place. Close but different. For now, however, I prefer this spot. Though serenity and seclusion are what I will seek soon, for now staying closer to civilization feels comforting as I wean myself from it. The nights are dark and an occasional headlight rolling by will break that up a bit.
It’s 7:05pm now. Don’t know the temperature. Don’t know last nights. But it is getting colder and I think as I settle in I’ll grab the North Face jacket to put over me just for an extra layer.
I wonder if anyone else is doing and feeling and expressing the same things I am right now. Could that be their headlights I see in the distance?


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